5 Things To Take With On Your Cross Country Bike Trip

Cycling across an entire country or continent is definitely a great experience. It is a time for you to see new things and potentially even meet new friend and acquaintances. However, there are a couple of important things to always take along. Aside from buying a top quality bike, you also need to take a few additional things that are mandatory. Let’s look at them:

1. Food and water

Water bottle



The first thing you need to do aside from planning is to ensure you are fed and hydrated. While it is impossible to pack food and water for a long trip across the US, you can ensure smaller food items are packed for energy when you are out of town. Along with your planning, you should pack enough food for the first couple of days until you reach your first town or destination. From there, you can restock for the next stretch.

2. Shelter

Backpacking tent



Many people choose to stay in motels and even hostels overnight. However, you should have some form of shelter also packed. The whole idea of getting out and going on a cross country trip is to get away. There is something about setting up camp that rejuvenates the soul. We always recommend taking a small pop-up tent for at least 2 people. You might also need some sort of mattress the Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is affordable and works well.

3. Spare parts

Lightweight traveling is something you will need to consider. However, it is impossible to find bike parts in certain smaller towns without having to wait. Replacing your frame will be hard, but smaller things like brakes and puncture repair kits can help you stay on the road. You should also take enough medical supplies for when something does go wrong. Remember to pack in a pump as well. Here is a great list of things to pack.

4. Cameras

Go pro hero



Doing such a trip is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and this needs to be captured on camera. With your camera, you can snap some of these memories for future reference. We highly suggest you add the Hero Go pro to your list. You can get helmet mounts which means it records all the time while you are cycling. You get some amazing footage and should there be some sort of accident – It will be captured.

5. Clothing

Cross country cycling


You should consider a couple of essential clothing items. Jackets and even raincoats will be great and they can be used virtually anywhere. I recommend taking a few items of your favorite clothing, but to keep the trip as light as possible, you should consider buying sport specific clothing. Cycling clothing is light weight and prevents chaffing. They can also to folded quite small. Remember to pack a pair of padded shorts for the days you cycle particularly far, they really do make a difference.


A cross-country trip across the US will be in the range of 4,200-miles. Having all of the essentials will ensure you remain safe and have some fun. We recommend considering these basic tips and if you have any specific things you believe should also be included, we look forward to seeing some of your suggestions in the comment section below.