Adding a Quad Bike To Your Family

With the increased number of social media platforms and games, its no wonder kids are so glued to their Ipads, tablets, pcs and phones. All the “old school” methods of kids entertaining themselves have out the door. As a family, my wife and I, try to encourage our kids to participate in outdoor activities. Often going to the extreme to get them involved. Our youngest son has had an issue with getting outside and has always preferred his games – que the Quad bike.

We are fortunate enough to live on a farm so the space has never been an issue. For him games posses the adrenaline factor. While he will happily engage in combat games, he will not join in on hunting trips as he deems it inhumane. So, what do you get a boy who likes adrenaline but not hunting and who plays games with multi platforms of stimuli? Yes, you guessed it, a quad bike.

Here are the main reasons we chose to add a bike to the family.

1. It is a form of transport.

Ok so you can’t really drive on the road with it but it does transport us around the farm. Checking on the horses and cattle has never been easier. We have added an extra mesh carrier to it so that we can load fodder for the animals.

2. It is any guys dream toy.

Quad Bike

I am starting to believe that we might have purchased this more for us opposed to for our son. As we are blessed with the ranch, sometimes we load up and have a picnic under the trees far away from kids and chores. It makes a wonderful trip.

3. It is easy to take with

Taking your quad bike on holiday is rather easy. As long as you have a trailer, you just load it up. The kids can explore camping spots and hunting spots. Be warned though – some parks do have rules and regulations when it comes to 4 wheel and 2 wheel bikes. Not all fellow campers are happy with the noise they produce.

4. It is an excellent way to get teenagers out of the house

Quad bike 2

The standard ones make an awesome addition to getting teenagers outside. All it requires is yearly maintenance and a bit of fuel/oil. If you consider the amount you spend on hunting gear each year, a quad bike is a cheaper alternative.

5. It is something that you never tire of.

Farmer quad bike

A quad bike is something that you do not grow tired of. It produces hours of endless fun, is pretty much for the entire family ( please note that little kids have to travel with adults and wear all their safety gear) and adults can enjoy it to. It makes a great addition to a hunting trip and can be used around your ranch and even taken on family holidays. So, why don’t you go ahead and purchase one.