Bike Racks for SUVs

When you are looking for the best car accessories, it is hard to choose from the large number of options available in the market. In our research, we have found that a large number of people looking for bike racks for SUV end up with the wrong kind of product which often gives them problems through their journeys. There are a number of bike racks available for different kinds of vehicles. If you are ordering online, make sure that you read a few reviews of the product and the website you’re ordering from. This would help you ensure that the product you get is genuine.

Installing a Bike Rack

Most people miss out on the fact that not all bike racks work for all vehicles. Some bike racks may be great for a SUV while others would be perfect for a hatch back. The type of vehicle you wish to mount your bike rack matters a lot and failure to do so can lead to safety issues as well. Secondly, the shape and size of your bike would also have a say in the kind of bike rack you purchase. Different racks work for different bikes.

SUVs are larger than other cars and therefore you should specifically look for racks that are especially made to fit on SUVs. For SUVs, the three major kinds of bike racks that are highly recommended are – strap-on trunk rack, roof rack and hitch mount rack. Depending on your budget you can choose from these bike racks. However it should be noted that if you are looking to take your bike a few miles from your house, a strap-on rack would work well for you but in case of longer journeys a strap-on is not the ideal choice as it can cause some serious damage to your car.

In case of long journeys, roof mounted racks are the ideal choice for SUVs. Most SUVs have crossbars on the roof that helps keep damages at bay. These racks are not on the expensive side and if you are looking to carry more than one bike, roof bike racks would be ideal for you. However, the most common bike racks are hitch bike racks for SUVs. These racks look stylish and ride high on functionality as well. Available in different sizes, these racks are perfect for both short and long journeys.

A little research before you take a final call on the kind of rack you want would help you a lot. Make sure that you figure out the size of the bike rack properly based on the size of the bike or bikes you want to carry with you. With a good bike rack, you can get into the adventurous mode you set out to get into.