Guide to Cleaning Your Bike Tires

Keeping your bike clean is an important part of maintaining its integrity.  Below is a guide on how to clean your bike tires.

Remove any extra accessories- Before you start to clean your bike you will want to remove any accessories.  The problem with leaving accessories, such as lights and bells, on while you clean is that they can do damage to your bike.

Mount the bike upside down or remove the tires completely – Mounting the bike upside down will give you full access to your tires.  If you leave the bike on the ground while you clean it, you won’t be able to get a full range motion to clean your tires.  In order to protect the saddle and the grips, you can lay down a towel or sheet on the ground.  An alternative option is to completely remove the tires in order to clean them.

Get a wet rag- The next step is to get a wet rag and actually start cleaning.  You should start at the rims of the front wheels and then work your way towards the back wheels.  If you don’t want to use a rag, you can always use something like a pressure washer or hose as these work much better.

Wheel bearings- Before you start cleaning your bike tires; you should note any wheel bearings and prevent them from getting wet.  When wheel bearings get wet, they can get damaged.

Spin to double check- After you have put your tires back into place, you will want to give them a spin to double check.  This will ensure that your tires are put back into place properly.

Get your kid to do it – Teach them the importance of keeping their bikes clean by providing them with a balance bike when they’re young (great balance bike reviews) and when they’re a bit older, you can give them a larger bike and include your during the cleaning session. 🙂

Professional care- If you are having a hard time mounting your tires back on or there is a problem with their performance, they might need some professional care.  If you need someone to help fix your bike, you should always receive quotes from a few different bike professionals.  Getting a quote from multiple professionals can prevent you from overpaying.

Dry off your bike- It is extremely important to dry off your bike after you wash it.  The combination of water and steel can produce rust.  The rust will create an ugly color that can tarnish the look and feel of your bike.  It’ll never be the same once it starts to rust and removing the rust could cost hundreds of dollars.

Leaf blowers- Leaf blowers can be effective tools for drying off your bike.  However, it is extremely important to use them on a low setting.  This will prevent your bike from being damaged or any discoloration.

Reattach your accessories- Once you have cleaned the tires and made sure that they are properly put back into their place, it is time to reattach any accessories.  Don’t forget to reattach your lights which can keep you safe while you ride at night.

Carefully maintain your bike- As previously mentioned, you can damage your bike if you get any bearings wet.  Maintaining your bike and keeping an eye on your bearings can prevent your bike from being damaged.  You should contact a professional or someone who knows more about bikes the moment you think that there is a problem.

Cleaning your tires is an effective way to keep your bike in top notch shape.  You can either take the tires off of the bike or mount the bike upside down to clean the tires.  Don’t forget to dry off your bike and properly reattach the tires before you go out on the road.